About Local Board

Local Board combines a mix of talented real estate professionals as well as real estate agents who are successful in their own high powered careers. Our licensees are doctors, CPA’s, financial advisors, insurance professionals and even attorneys who compliment their other professions with real estate to best serve friends, family and the community with a large network of both on and off market properties.

Everyone can see Zillow, not everyone can browse the thousands of homes for sale locally that are not on the market or browse the work of developers if looking to purchase a lot and build. This highly qualified team will go the extra mile to market your home and find you the perfect property.

Meet the Board

Contact one of our Local Board real estate agents today. We are ready to help you build, buy or sell a property.

Barrett Family Square

Katrina Barrett

(520) 403-5270
Wertz Family Square

Emily A. Wertz

(507) 398-2555

Wellman Family Wellman

Kendra Wellman

(408) 394-6416

Spellman Family Square

Kristina Spellman

(602) 717-5582
Hawley Family Square

Collyn Hawley

(480) 570-6856

View More: http://lesliedphotography.pass.us/grawoby-family

Marisa Grabowy

(602) 421-7757

HyattEggert family Square

Jayme Hyatt Eggert

(602) 818-1354
Esner Family Square

Meredith Esner

(480) 369-0620

Marten Family Square

Courtney Marten

(248) 346-5091