Regal American Homes

Paradise Valley

Regal American Homes


$2700000 - $7500000



Every Regal American Home is a testament to our emphasis on quality. We focus on quality during the building phase, sourcing the best materials and working with the best talent, as well as the final stage, where we seek to offer a quality of life our clients aspire towards.

Each custom home we deliver is unique and exclusive. When you invest in a Regal American Home, you can rest assured that it is one of a kind. We focus on innovative styling and design to enhance your living experience. Our homes offer the modern amenities and features you would want.

Concurrently, we keep pace with the global design trends. We adorn our homes with a worldly design that offers an amazing look and feel. We also work with top architects and designers globally to design topnotch homes that offer value and a great quality of life.

Regal American Homes has an edge over our competitors, thanks to our hard-working team, who work double-shifts to expedite the process. This reason is why we can build a custom home from scratch, on our lots, or your space, in half the time as any other company.

We go the extra mile to ensure each Regal American Home is top-of-the-line. We invest time and resources on personal care and add our personal touch to each home, for the benefit of our valued clients.